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Power Amplifier (XTi Series)


    Power Amps XTi1000(XTi2000)(XTi4000)(XTi6000) XTi Series power amplifier provide extensive protection features such as Overheat short currents, DC protection, zero current, clip limiter, soft start



SPECIFICATIONS XTi1000 XTi2000 XTi4000 XTi6000
  STEREO    MODE    (Both    Channels    Driven)
8    ohms        
 FTC20Hz -20kHz,0.1%THD 300W 500 W 800 W 1000W
4    ohms        
FTC20Hz -20kHz,0.1%THD 500W 700W 1100W 1600W
2    ohms        
 EIA 1kHz, 1%THD 700 W 1200W 1500W 1800W
8    ohms        
  FTC20 Hz -20    kHz, 0.1%THD 1150W 2050W 2450W 2900W
4    ohms        
 EIA 1kHz,    1%THD 1850W 2400W 4000W 4800W
Signal to Noise, 20 Hz-20kHz 100dB 102dB 104dB 106dB
Distortion    (Typical)  
20 Hz -20kHz: 10dB below rated power Less    than    0.03%    THD,    4    and    8    ohms
1.0kHz and below: full rated power Less    than    0.03%    THD,    4    and    8    ohms
Frequency    Response 20    Hz-20    kHz,    ±1    dB
-3    dB    points:    5    Hz    -    50    kHz
Damping    Factor, 1kHz and    below Greater    than    300    at    8    ohms
Input    Impedance 10k    ohms    unbalanced,    20k    ohms    balanced
Input    Clipping 10    Vrms    (+22    dB)
Cooling Continuously    variable-speed    fan,    rear-to-front    air    flow
Connectors,    each    channel Input:    Active    balanced;    barrier    strip,    XLR    and    1/4"    (6.3mm)
TRS    tip    and    XLR    (pin    2    positive)
Output:    touch-proof    binding    posts    and    Neutrik®    Speakon®
Controls Front:    AC    switch,    Ch.    1    and    Ch.    2    gain    knobs
Rear:    10-position    DIP    switch
Indicators Power-On:    Green    LED
Signal:    Yellow    LED    (1    per    channel)
Clip:    Red    LED    (1    per    channel)
Amplifier Protection Stable    into    reactive    or    mismatched    loads
Load Protection On/off    muting,    AC    coupling    ,    triac    crowbar    ,    on    each    channel)
Power Requirements 100,    120,    230    VAC,    50-60    Hz
Dimensions 480*480*100(mm)

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