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Driver Speaker (N850)


    N850,PAAUDIO Professional Speaker System




The N850 is a high quality 3-inch diaphragm compression driver with a 2-inch exit throat.
The diaphragm is precision formed from 0.05mm thick pure titanium.
The suspension is based on Mylar vented design. 
The front aluminium adaptor guarantee a very smooth transition from the phase plug to 2-inch output interface.



A: 3-inch Diaphragm, 2-inch Exit Throat / Pure Titanium Compression Driver

B: 180W continuous program power handling

C: Frequency range: 500Hz - 20kHz

D: 3-slot optimized geometry phase plug

E: Aluminium rear cover and front adaptor

F: Copper inductance ring for extended response

G: Vented suspension system

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