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Pro sound speaker 2012/12/31

Pro sound speaker
   Products it suits to in anyt entertainment palce, Line array as our main products,and professional performance Speaker,Night Club,Karaoke KTV Speaker,Power Amplifierˇ˘Stage Configuration and so on.
EVP-X Series pro speaker system Pro sound speaker system .
Model:EVP-X15M Monitor Speaker
15 inch Two-Way Bass Reflex, Main PA Applications
Dual 15 inch, Two-Way Dual Chamber, Bass Reflex,
Power Rating: 400W/1600W(Peak)
Main PA Full Bandwidth Applications
Frequency Range :52 Hz - 20 kHz 
Power Rating:800W/3200W(Peak)
Frequency Response  :65 Hz-20kHz 
Frequency Range:40Hz-20kHz 
Sensitivity :98dB
Frequency Response:57Hz-20kHz 
Nominal Impedance : 8 ohms 
Sensitivity:100dB SPL 
Rated Maximum SPL :100 dB SPL peak 
Nominal Impedance:4 ohms 
Coverage Pattern : 90o x 45o nominal 
Rated Maximum SPL:115dB SPL Peak 
High Frequency Driver :1 x 44.4 mm (1.75 inch) diaphragm
Coverage Pattern:90ox45o nominal 
Low Frequency Driver :1 x 380mm(15 inch)  woofer 
High Frequency Driver:1x44.4mm(1.75inch)diaphragm 
Low Frequency Driver:2x380 mm(15inch) woofer 
Professional audio system
Pro speaker,EVPX   Series
EVPX-12 speaker,EVPX-15 Pro Sound , EVPX-15M
EVPX-215 Pro audio speaker,
EVPX-15B Sub woofer speaker,
EVPX-18B Sub woofer speaker
Pro sound speaker china

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